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Field Recording Set #23 – Christchurch Cathedral

09-02-2012 A collection of field recordings, set 23 Upon reaching Christchurch`s main square in early 2009, and sitting down across from the cathedral, I sighed, and knew the journey was over. Cathedral Square was the last place I had wanted to visit, the final stop. It had taken five months to travel all around Australia […]

Rosa, zusje van Anna

26-11-2012 In september werkte ik samen met Colin van der Lei aan de muziek voor ‘Rosa, zusje van Anna’, een kortfilm van Janet van den Brand. Inmiddels draait de film op het kortfilmfestival in Leuven. Voor deze film leverde ik zo`n 12 minuten aan soundscapes en een pianothema. Een selectie daarvan is in de trailer […]


06-06-2012 A song built by overdubbing. All sounds were made with the mouth and throat. No effects, except for some EQ and compression to create a warmer sound. ————————————————————————————————

Field Recording Set #19 – Ulva Island

25-05-2012 A collection of field recordings – set 19 Ulva Island is a small, uninhabited island in one of Stewart Island`s many bays and inlets. The island is a reserve, but open to the public. It`s only accessible by boat. On the island we find a choir of birds and sea on top of a […]

Field Recording Set #18 – Rakiura / Stewart Island

12-04-2012 A collection of field recordings – set 18 An impression of Rakiura, or Stewart Island, the third largest island in New Zealand. A wonderful place alive with birds and green forest, and hardly a car around. ————————————————————————————————

Portret van een Vriendschap (Friendship Portrait)

04-04-2012 A piece based on two principles: the development of a certain friendship determines the form. Background noise from field recordings is layered to try and create new colours. ————————————————————————————————

Field Recording Set #16 – Windy Wellington

11-02-2012 A collection of field recordings – set 16 With the sea breeze being funneled by New Zealand`s major islands, and then funneled some more by nearby hills, New Zealand`s capital is notorious for its strong winds. Huddled in a street corner, we hear litter being blown past, and the cityscape reverberating between stone buildings. […]

Field Recording Set #14 – Rotorua & Taupo, New Zealand

22-01-2012 A collection of field recordings – set 14 1. Geothermic pools, Rotorua The earth`s heat makes the soil boil. 2. Gullery, Lake Rotorua Two colonies of black-billed and red-billed gulls lie side by side, causing an enormous racket. First quietly audible in the distance, their squeels quickly fill the sky. 3. Taupo by night, […]

Field Recording Set #13 – Auckland, New Zealand

13-01-2012 Up next: a series of field recording sets done in New Zealand. A collection of field recordings – set 13 1. Mt. Eden, Auckland From the summit of this long extinct vulcano, now a lush green hill, we listen to New Zealand`s only metropolis below. 2. Queen Street, Auckland Queen street, Aucklands busiest, on […]

Field Recording Set #12 – into the Nullarbor

04-12-2011 A collection of field recordings – set 12 Field Recording Set 12 – into the Nullarbor by HarroldRoeland We take the Indian-Pacific, a train that travels from Perth to Sydney and back, through the arid zone, and across the haunting Nullarbor Plain. Most we hear is the rattling of the train on its single […]

Field Recording Set #11 – Perth

27-11-2012 A collection of field recordings – set 11 Field Recording Set 11 – Perth by HarroldRoeland 1. Going up We`re going up! 2. Reading room The doors to the balcony are open, enabling the sound of heavy traffic to reverberate from the wooden floor and walls in this very large room. 3. Going down […]

Field Recording Set #10 – Northern Territory, Alice to Darwin

18-11-2011 A collection of field recordings – set 10 Field Recording Set #10 – Northern Territory, Alice to Darwin by HarroldRoeland 1. Desert frogs, Todd River, Alice Springs Running through deep desert, Todd River does not flow very often. This is one of the rare occasions that it does. Frogs that have hibernated for months […]

Field Recording Set #9 – Adelaide

11-11-2011 A collection of field recordings – set 9 Field recording set #9 – Adelaide by HarroldRoeland 1. Mall, Adelaide A walk through the mall. It`s nearly christmas, yet it`s blisteringly hot, which is sort of odd for a northerner. People walk and chat, while street artists perform. 2. Planes and angry pelicans, Adelaide Planes […]

Field Recording Set #8 – Background noise / Returning to Melbourne

04-11-2012 A collection of field recordings – set 8 Field Recording Set #8 – Background noise / Returning to Melbourne by HarroldRoeland 1. Hobart airport boarding call Passengers wait for the boarding call to be made. 2. Southern Cross railway station, Melbourne Southern Cross station must be one of the noisiest locations on earth. Every […]

Field recording set #7 – Tasmania 2

A collection of field recordings – set 7 Field recording set 7 – Tasmania 2 by HarroldRoeland 1. Stanley at night, Tasmania The town of Stanley is famous for it`s vulcanic plug, called the nut. On a nocturnal walk along the edge of town, something start shouting at me from the bushes at the mountain`s […]

Field recording set #6 – Tasmania 1

A collection of field recordings in LP format – LP003B Friday Field Recording #6 – Tasmania 1 by HarroldRoeland B1 Spirit of Tasmania The ‘spirit of tasmania’ is a large ferry that crosses the Bass Strait between Victoria and Tasmania. The ship`s whistle blows, and we`re off. Here the recording fades, and were on the […]

Field recording set #5 – Melbourne, Victoria

A collection of field recordings in LP format – LP003A Friday Field Recording #5 – Melbourne by HarroldRoeland A1 Swan street landing A landing between a bicycle path and Yarra river. It`s a calm and sunny sunday. Cyclists and canoes pass by. Boat engines produce a constant, soothing drone, that carries the shorter, more percussive […]

Field recording set #4 – Hume Highway

A collection of field recordings in LP format – LP002B Friday Field Recording #4 – Hume highway by HarroldRoeland B1 Morton National Park. Beyond the small town of Bundanoon lies a large national park. The walking tracks run along a deep cliff, with eucalypts as far as the eye can see. From the edge, we […]

Field recording set #3 – New South Wales

A collection of field recordings in LP format – LP002A Friday Field Recording #3 – New South Wales by HarroldRoeland A1 Singapore Airport, after 24 hours of flying from Amsterdam. Children race one another, a luggage cart beeps, and a myriad of languages is spoken in the humid air. A2 The domain, a park in […]

Field recording set #2 – Korte Smeden 2

Field recordings LP001B – ‘Korte Smeden’ Field recordings LP001B – Korte Smeden by HarroldRoeland A collection of field recordings in LP format B1 Thunderstrikes A massive thunderstorm just blew over, and it`s still droning in the background. To round up, two massive thunderstrikes echo across the city. Far off sirens hint at the damage done. […]

Field recording set #1 – Korte Smeden 1

Field recordings LP001A – ‘Korte Smeden’ Field recordings LP001A – Korte Smeden by HarroldRoeland A collection of field recordings in LP format A1 Korte Smeden Living in the same spot for months makes you indifferent to the local sounds. Spending a few months in my brothers` first floor apartment, above the she shops in the […]

Sydney, Alfred Street (LP002)

Alfred Street in Sydney, Australia. A band is playing in the square, temporarily overcoming the hustle coming from the railway station. On the other side of the track, inaudible, lies Circular Quay, with it`s famous opera house. It`s a Friday night, and sharply dressed people fill the streets to start their weekends. Sydney, Alfred street […]

Korte Smeden, Zwolle, NL (taken from LP001)

For upcoming project ‘ Rocókon’, I`m currently reworking all field recordings I did in the last two years. Field recordings are a funny thing; just by sitting down on a street corner with a microphone,  all sound suddenly becomes beautiful music. All it takes , seemingly, is some awareness. This one was done in my […]

RE:BIRTH – 29 juli t/m 9 september in Kunstenlab Deventer

De expositie RE:BIRTH, opgezet door autonoom kunstenaar Hans Mateboer, is voorzien van een muzikale ondersteuning die ik op zijn verzoek  schreef. Als reactie op de muziek die ik aanleverde, leverde Hans een installatie, waaruit de muziek zou moeten gaan klinken. Onder invloed van de balans tussen detail en leegte, die de kunst van Hans zo […]