Field Recording Set #14 – Rotorua & Taupo, New Zealand


A collection of field recordings – set 14

1. Geothermic pools, Rotorua

The earth`s heat makes the soil boil.

2. Gullery, Lake Rotorua

Two colonies of black-billed and red-billed gulls lie side by side, causing an enormous racket. First quietly audible in the distance, their squeels quickly fill the sky.

3. Taupo by night, Taupo

This whole hostel is made of wood, except for thin, prefab walls. In a closed room, the sound of people is leaking in from everywhere.

4. Lake Taupo, Taupo

One can hardly tell, gazing across the beatiful Lake Taupo, over the water to the mountains – Tongariro, Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe – beyond, that one is standing on the edge of a large vulcano. Taupo was in fact created by a huge vulcanic explosion, one of the largest we know of, some 26.000 years ago. It is suggested that this eruption may have triggered the last glacial period.
Taupo`s most recent large eruption, around 180CE, was noted by at least one Chinese and one Roman scribe. Though unaware of the existence of New Zealand`s North Island, as all humans were in those days, they could tell something huge had happened, as the horizon turned red with dust. Standing at the craters edge, nothing hints at this violent past. The vulcano remains dormant, and the water ever exhales soothingly upon the shore.