Field Recording Set #10 – Northern Territory, Alice to Darwin


A collection of field recordings – set 10

Field Recording Set #10 – Northern Territory, Alice to Darwin by HarroldRoeland

1. Desert frogs, Todd River, Alice Springs

Running through deep desert, Todd River does not flow very often. This is one of the rare occasions that it does. Frogs that have hibernated for months have come out of the sand, and are croaking loudly in the night, hoping to find a mate before the drought returns.

2. Building tropical apartments, Darwin

High up above, construction workers work on two apartment buildings, overlooking the sea.

3. Bicentennial Park, Darwin

Bicentennial park in Darwin is filled with birds.

4. Todd Mall, Alice Springs

Alice`s city center.

5. Stuart Highway, NT

Stuart Highway connects Alice Springs to Darwin. On this particular part of the road, a vehicle passes about once every 10 minutes; usually a large truck or road train. Here`s one.

6. Flying foxes, Darwin NT

A tree full of flying foxes produces a myriad of high-pitched screeches.

7. Desert frogs reprise