New Album: Rocókon – Kom


New Rocókon album

It`s here! After much hard work it`s finally here, the first Rocókon song album. Because much inspiration for this album came from Third World countries, 25% of profits go to educational projects in the Third World (See liner notes below). On the album, we go from gentle songs to soundscapes, and from droning didgeridoos to acapella. The album is sung in two languages and one dialect. Charlotte Wessels lent us her beautiful voice, en beside the didgeridoo there`s much percussion, piano and a little kalimba. There`s electronics (Supercollider), synths with field recordings added to make a whole. It`s an album that explores many corners. You can listen to it here:

or here:



from the liner notes:

This album is released under the Rocókon Quiet Project, which means that 25% of what we earn through this album is
donated to educational project in Third World countries. In Africa, I`ve seen the unimaginable difference a small
helping hand can make in the poor parts of the world. Now that many governments pull the brakes on foreign aid, it`s
important for citizens to fill the void in a meaningful way. The Rocókon Quiet Project aims to make some of the
peace and quiet we find in nature and in certain foreign cultures available to the Western world through art. In
this way we hope to generate money for those who have so much less than we do. The focus on educational projects is
rooted in our belief that knowledge is the best long term solution we have for many problems in the world. Proper
education for women brings down birth rates. Proper education roots out harmful superstitions. Proper education in
the Third World taps a new well of potential great thinkers. They may make a change in their countries, and abroad.