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Generative Landscape, Paris 07-01-2015

09-01-2015 Generative Landscape, Paris 07-01-2015 All sounds in this generative piece have as their source two videos of the Charlie Hebdo attacks that are circulating online. No other sounds were used. The goal of this piece is to generate beauty out of something ugly, and speak out for freedom of enquiry and expression. In the […]

Zambia 18

16-12-2014 Zambia 18 New field recording from Zambia, at night on the riverbank: Find more field recordings from Zambia here or at the Quiet Diary.

New Album: Rocókon – Kom

18-10-2014 New Rocókon album It`s here! After much hard work it`s finally here, the first Rocókon song album. Because much inspiration for this album came from Third World countries, 25% of profits go to educational projects in the Third World (See liner notes below). On the album, we go from gentle songs to soundscapes, and […]

New Project: Quiet Diary

18-09-2014 New project: Quiet Diary Since a few days I have a new blog: Quiet Diary. It`s an old love (field recordings) in a new jacket. I will take my microphone and find places in the Netherlands and -whenever I can- abroad that are pleasant to listen to. Of these I will make recordings that […]

Zambia: Hippos in Kasanka National Park

23-07-2014 Zambia: Hippos in Kasanka National Park When approaching a group of hippos in the wild, these marvellous animals aren`t the only ones you will hear breathing heavily! We`re on a high and steep riverbank, on the inside of a bend. About two meters in front of us, hard to see but easy to hear […]

Zambia: Market in district capital Serenje

16-07-2014 Zambia: Market in district capital Serenje Serenje, capital of the Serenje district. We`re on the market to pick up some groceries, and trying to hitch a ride deeper into the country. The market is a colourful place; Women dressed in bright cloth walk through clouds of dust, thrown up by dark feet in sandals. […]

Rocókon song album coming up

27-05-2014 Rocókon song album coming up Often after a performance I am asked if these songs are available on CD. The answer is, well, not just yet. But I am finishing an album as we speak. Today, after two weeks with hardly any sleep, recording and editing is being finished. The album will probably contain […]

The sound of a bumblebee, slowed down 4.5 times

30-04-2014 The sound of a bumblebee, slowed down 4.5 times A bumblebee was hopelessly lost on the windowsill, stuck between a row of books and the window. Escape didn`t seem to hard, but somehow she couldn`t manage. Before I helped her, I put a microphone in there with her and recorded the sound. Here she […]

Recording of a Zambian church service [33min]

18-01-2014 Even if you`re not religious, it can be quite an experience to visit a Zambian church. In this recording, there is preaching for about 10 minutes, followed by singing, praying, some more singing and closing with jokes.

Field recordings from Zambia

16-01-2014 In the autumn of 2012, I got to spend two months in a small town in rural Zambia. It was quite an experience, in sights as well as sounds. In the next few months, I`ll be uploading a selection of field recordings from the district:  


15-10-2013 Released two albums this month. You can have a listen at bandcamp. Generative landscapes 1 is an ambient album, consisting of two long, slowly unfolding pieces. Much of the music is based on chance, to let the music develop in a natural way. Music to slow down to! Selected soundscapes 2009-2013 is a compilation […]


05-04-2013 Construction workers A recording from 2009. Construction workers are stripping the room directly above. Hammers rumble, and the sound of a drill is resonating in the heater tubes.


11-03-2013 Exceller8 A friend of mine gave me this old Kraftwerk compilation record called ‘exceller8′, for which I`m very grateful indeed! The disc is from their early days, and is analogue heaven. Here`s some interesting bits.

Wim Kan on rearmament (1954)

10-03-2013 Found on an old record: (Dutch recording) A fragment from a 1954 show by Dutch comedian Wim Kan. The West-Germans are allowed to re-arm themselves, 9 years after WW2. Wim Kan doesn`t agree, and sings a song expressing his view. People felt strongly about this back then, as you can tell by the audience`s […]


25-02-2013 Wealth I spent October and November of 2012 in rural Zambia, and on returning was shocked at the enormous wealth in Western Europe. This becomes obvious when standing in a supermarket a 5pm. Mind you that every beep is an item being scanned and later sold.